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Anyone Who is looking for a lifestyle change guidance to manage weight, a health condition like diabetes,hypertension PCOS,CVD etc which requires dietary changes or general Wellness for different stages of life can go for this program customised Nutrition counselling in a Friendly approchable way.

We do it both personally as well as online through phone/Watsapp,E-mails skype/Videcalls depending on one's convenience & Suitability this highly flexibale yet effective option is popular among busy moms,Travelling professional & people Outside Delhi & Even Abroad.

We Do it Four Steps:-

  • i).A Comprehensive assesment of cient's Medical History,food habits,activity & sleep pattern,Current Medication & supplementation,social-interaction and stress managment is done
  • ii).A personalized nutrition plan is devised with input for physical activity,eating out guides etc.
  • iii).Regular Tracking and continous Monitoring is done to ensure adherence to the plan and overcoming to motivate & empower the clients.
  • iv).Once the goals are achieved,clients are educated how to maintain the changes made in thier lifestyle during the program by evidence based,Goal Oriented Maintenance tips.Clients are empowered to make healthy food choices to take control of thier own health.
  • Life's busy schedule often puts taking care of ourselves on the back burner It is a truth of today's world but not an excuse for not following a healthy lifestyle. In Fact a lot of working professional feel more productive & energetic after Following our Nutrition Plans which are flexible With Multiple food options based on one's preference.

    We do not believe in strict crash diets which are hard to follow & diets which are hard to follow & sustain on the contrary,we educate our clients in making healthy food choices which keep them fuller & satisfied for the whole day.

    No,We do not prescribe pills or drug for wieght loss.Our plans include simple,nutritious unprocessed home-cooked healthy foods with special emphasis on right herbs & spices to restore metabolic balance & good health certain Minerals,Vitamins,Pre & Pro-biotics may be used for short period of time To tackle any nutritional defficiencies.

    Wieght loss depends on a myrid of factors like age,gender,physical activity,medication etc & hence everyone goes of thier own pace . The most imortant part of weight loss is not how much to lose but to lose it in a healthy way & keep it off train coming back. As a rule of thumb,people lose about 2-4 kg per month (CDC approved) even our program but some clients have even lost 5-6 kg

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